Raising Anxiety Resilient Children-Webinar

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Raising Anxiety Resilient Children-Webinar


March 15, 6:30-7:30 pm

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Class description:

Did you take that class in school where you learned to manage your emotions and take care of your emotional health? No? What?!?! Weren't you offered this class? Unless you were raised in a hippie commune, you were probably never offered a course where these skills were taught. While many of us understand the basics of maintaining physical health, the majority of us don't know the skills of mental health.
In this class, you will learn the ABC's of expressing feelings, the basics of changing negative thoughts and you’ll understand what anxiety and depression truly are (not the roles they play on TV).
You'll also identify your personal thinking distortions which are the main contributors to failure and unhappiness. I'll teach you the skills required to change these negative thoughts and truly help you change thinking and behaviors.
Finally, I'll help you get to the core of your behaviors and thoughts. When you finally understand what is fueling your problems and anxiety, then you can truly make lasting change.
By giving you this knowledge, you'll be able to teach and apply these principles to your children. Your loved ones will be able to say they received that class on emotional health that you never received yourself. You'll give them the opportunity to become anxiety and depression resistant.

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